BELT outreach participants in Tanzania

Your Teaching Changed My Life! — BELT update from Tanzania

by Dow S.

Our first Transformation Seminar in Tanzania has come to a successful completion, but the BELT work in this needy region has only just begun!

It is a privilege to share with you about our recent trip to Kingori, Tanzania, where we ran a three-week seminar for between 40-50 church leaders and members from at least six different denominations.

We were in the second week of the seminar, and I had just finished a 3-hour teaching on “The Root of Sin,” when a young man pushed through the crowd toward me. “Your teaching changed my life,” he said, as he pointed to his chest.

The focus of the teaching had been on the biblical concept of the “heart.” The Bible teaches clearly that God looks at the heart, rather than at the external appearance of a person, to determine whether they are producing good or bad fruit (1 Sam. 16:7; Luke 6:45). The heart is the root of all actions, where we make the supreme choice to live for God or for ourselves. It is what comes out of the heart that is judged (Mk 7:23).¬†Jesus says, “First clean the inside…, that the outside may also be clean” (Mat. 23:26).

The young man continued: “It has gripped my heart today. I will not be the same again.”

Our team went on during the next few days to explain how a sinful heart can be saved by grace through faith (Eph 2:8). The young man was truly changed as he submitted his heart to God’s rulership, and he went out into the marketplace the following week to share this freedom and Good News with many people.







Teams of seminar participants traveled to share BELT teachings in the marketplaces and churches. One team reported, “As we were teaching in the church, there were some people crying. They saw that they were not worthy because of their sin, and it’s just because of the grace of God that they are saved.”

One of the most exciting response times came after our team member Eleanor taught on Overcoming Satan’s Strategies. The participants had a deep revelation of the power and victory of Christ that He shares with us, and they began to break out in rejoicing, singing and dancing.

The graduation day was a wonderful time of worshipping God, hearing testimonies and speeches, giving out certificates, and feasting upon a roasted goat. For many participants this was the first time they had ever received any kind of certificate, so of course they danced their way to the stage!