Worth It

by Anna, School of the Bible Staff

One of our local School of the Bible projects is to lead Bible studies for university students. Leading the Bible study helps our Bible school students have an outlet for all that they're learning and gives them practical experience that will help them when they graduate. And of course, the studies are intended to bring freedom to others, too!

Sometimes, it's easy to wonder whether the Bible studies make a difference, whether we're really communicating our passion for God and His word. On one of those days, near the end of the fall semester, a college student from the Bible study pulled me aside. She was a new Christian, having decided to follow Jesus only this last year while on a mission trip with us in Mexico.

“This was my first time of doing an in-depth Bible study,” Michi said. “I've learned a lot this fall. All the things about God that we've discussed reassure why I should and why I want to follow him!”

I was so glad to hear that! It makes me even more excited for the next semester on the university campus with Students Transforming Nations. These students are hungry to learn the reasons for their belief in God. Some grew up in the church and others are totally new to Christianity. I love watching their eyes light up when they understand something new for the first time. And I love seeing how that new understanding changes the way they live.