School of Biblical Christian Worldview

School of Biblical Christian Worldview

Minds Made New

Ever wonder:
– why one can know Truth with confidence?
– how to be biblically grounded in contending with differing worldviews?
– what the key is to discipling a nation?

What to expect

Expect to have your thinking challenged about what God wants for nations and how to work for it. Expect lively discussions and hard work, lots of laughter, and for transformation to begin with you.


2025: May 18 – August 9

How much

$3,700 lecture

Tuition covers the cost of meals, lodging, guest speakers, and books. SBCW on has a 3 month lecture. There is no outreach portion.

How do you know what you believe is true?

The Bible commands us not to conform to the ways of world, but rather to be transformed, so that we may know God’s will. How does this transformation happen? Through the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2). This means that an essential aspect of Christian discipleship is the training of the mind: learning to think how God would have us think – Bible based critical thinking (putting on “the mind of Christ” – 1 Corinthians 2:16) – so that we know how to live how God would have us live.

In the School of Biblical Christian Worldview, together we will renew our minds through an exploration of the scriptures, unearth historical evidence of how God transforms societies, and discover how one’s worldview impacts culture (through the arts, media, government, economics, science, Church, etc).

Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to dialogue about questions such as these:

  • Since when is environmental care a biblical mandate? Hasn’t the “Christian West” been exploiting the earth for resources wantonly in the name of progress?
  • Christianity is anti-science. Why would I want to associate with a religion that is so fundamentally opposed to something that has brought about so much good to the world?
  • The “Christian West” has been oppressive and racist throughout history… but doesn’t the bible speak against oppression of the poor, women, foreigners, and the marginalized?
  • Everyone has their own truth. What works for you might not work for me. Why do you think it’s okay to force your truth on to people? Isn’t it rude to assume your ideas and way of life is better than everyone else’s?

With a strong biblical foundation we can confidently engage all spheres of life with a new sense of purpose!

The SBCW is a University of the Nations Applied Christian Thinking Core Course. Students will receive 12 credits upon completing the course. Successful completion of a DTS is required to attend the SBCW.

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