Word from Warren: Your Prayers Make a Difference

Sometimes it seems incredible when we read in the Scriptures how strongly God is encouraging us to pray. And then he even presents us an embarrasingly demanding illustration of the man who awakened his friend at midnight with repeated requests for bread!

Praying with urgency, abandonment, and without ceasing is the level of intensity that Jesus expressed as appropriate for the Kingdom of God.

Your prayers have made a difference for us.

We marvel at how we have seen our prayer request list become our answered prayer list. Whether it is increased school enrollment, improved facilities, or the breakthroughs we’ve seen in students’ personal lives, we recognize that God has done the impossible—and prayer made it possible.

As we face this new year with all its (good) challenges of new ministry options, growing numbers in our training programs, and more nations being reached with the Gospel, we rely on the ONE who can make it happen.

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