Word from Warren: Why university ministry?

When Jesus addressed the disciples in Matthew 28, his directive to them was to make “disciples of all nations.” That command was not only for those original twelve, but is the primary directive for us today in YWAM Madison.

Discipling the nations forces us to think beyond the realm of a local evangelistic vision. In doing so, we'll confront the spiritual giants of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Humanism that control the nations of the world. Here at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, we are at a unique spiritual thoroughfare where students from over 120 nations have come to be taught so they might return as leaders of their nations.

In today's Christian mission strategy, the focus is on reaching the most unreached peoples–those of the which describes those nations located from ten to forty degrees north latitude, stretching from northwest Africa to Japan. These are the nations that are predominant on our U.S. campuses, and it is for that reason we focus on university ministry.

The unreached nations are on our doorstep. Here there is freedom to share the gospel openly. Tomorrow's leaders of those nations are being discipled — either from a Christian perspective or a humanist worldview, which will shape the destiny of those nations.

We have ministry objectives that can impact these students. We have the ability to disciple the nations by reaching out to the thousands of international students present in our city and nation.

With God's help, together we can change the world!