Word from Warren: I want to change the world!

In commencement ceremonies all across the land, there will soon be rows of cap-and-gowned graduates parading through our educational institutions. They will bear diplomas from high schools and universities, tech schools and Bible schools, with one thing in mind: they want to change the world.

Young people have always been on the forefront of change. They are the ones Jesus chose to be his disciples and turn the world upside own. They are the ones that Loren Cunningham envisioned converging on the nations as waves breaking on the shores–which was the beginning of this mission movement called Youth With a Mission.

Whether this generation will make changes for good or evil depends on what they know of God and how they apply His truths to the world around them.

Will they see the world as merely a place to make a living or a place to make live? We must impact today’s graduates before they become tomorrow’s leaders.

In YWAM Madison, our Discipleship Training Schools and Bible School for the nations train and equip these young graduates to be nation changers, the salt of the earth, men and women of God.

Will you pray for us as we seek to prepare these young people “to know God and to make Him known?”