Word from Warren: How do you reach the whole world?

by Warren, co-founder and Director of YWAM Madison

“What is your mission?”

I was asked this question many times during a mission conference at Iowa State University. My answer, “to reach the whole world with the gospel,” may seem a little overwhelming. Consider that there are now more than 240 nations, consisting of over 11,800 people groups. Even with 20,000 full time staff, YWAM is not planning to be finished anytime soon! With all Christians joining together in this global missions effort, it still remains a task of mammoth proportions.

The question of “How do you eat an elephant?” is a good analogy for this mission task. The answer apparently is “one bite at a time.”

Fortunately for us, God has provided a strategy that breaks down this elephant-sized world into manageable bites. Our “mission bites” here in Madison consist of both local and global mission fields. Here among our 40,000 university students are 4,000+ internationals from 120+ nations. Many of these countries, such as China or Iran, restrict Christians from openly sharing the gospel and persecute those who do.

As we reach out to these students locally, we impact the nations globally.

Not all nations, however, come to our doorstep. To reach specific people groups we also have to go into all the world. And so we take short term outreach teams all over the world.

As we chew on both ends of the mammoth mission field, we find we are getting closer to experiencing the final outcome: that all nations will hear the gospel.

When Jesus gave us the command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” he also provided the means to complete the mission. By working together as the Body of Christ, with the Holy Spirit, we can complete this mammoth task!