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When the righteous cry out, the Lord hears – Nepal

“When the righteous cry out, The Lord hears.” (Psalm 34:17)

It is day three of the Transformation of the Heart seminar in Nepal. Genae has been teaching on the greatness, or nature, of God. She ends her time talking about fear. She asks all forty-seven participants who are soon to become pastors, both male and female, to speak to God and hear from him about fears they need to cast aside.

BELT participant in Nepal prays. Photo by Jackie.

Silence fills the tiny one room church. I begin to pray, and the Holy Spirit feels so evident. Team member Michael received a word of the Lord in the morning for this day: Presence. And it was true. I can feel God filling up the entire room. Slowly we hear the sounds of cries and sobs slip out from many bowed heads in the room. Whispered prayers echo out of lips. And slowly the prayers grow louder and louder. They are filled with desperation but they are strong. There is no self consciousness, just pure openness and honesty with The Lord.

I cannot understand what their Nepali prayers are saying, but I could feel their urgency.  They all want and need God. Minutes upon minutes pass by but the strength of the prayers continue.

“We thank you, Lord, that as we gain more understanding of your love, our fears our cast aside,” prays Genae. “That is the greatness of our God. He hears all of our prayers at the same time, even in a place of fear. He is with us, every one of us.”

Even as she ends her teaching, the prayers are still crying out for a long time. And God continues to listen.

He is the still small whisper with us, just as he was with Elijah. And He is moving in Nepal.

by Jackie, Bible School for the Nations student

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