What is the YWAM Bible School for the Nations like?

Amy writes about her experience in the YWAM Bible School for the Nations (BSN).

The BSN satisfies the Bible Core Course requirements for a University of the Nations degree. Amy completed the BSN in 2012 with an outreach that included Japan and people from unreached people groups in a very restricted access nation. 

My experience in the YWAM Bible School for the Nations was wonderful! Some of the main things I took from the school are:

  • How to read Bible passages within their context
  • Knowledge about God’s character through reading and studying Scripture
  • A better idea of what the Kingdom of God is
  • Confidence in communicating biblical truth through story telling and teaching
  • Freedom that comes from the truth of who God is and how much He loves me

I would recommend the BSN to just about any believer.  The most important part of this school is that it allows the opportunity to dig in to Scripture and wrestle with God.

I asked big questions during the school. Questions such as: Was the first sin Adam and Eve’s fault or God’s fault?  Is it fair for God to expect us to obey the law? Is God really good? Was Jesus’ death God’s back-up plan after the old covenant failed?  What is the kingdom of God? These questions are just to name a few!

None of the BSN staff or students was scared by my questions. They encouraged me to dig in and study the Bible and they helped me wrestle and come to truthful conclusions.

I feel like I can trust God on a much deeper level now that I understand His character better.  And one of the best ways to understand God’s character is to read and study His word!

The other reason why I would recommend the Bible School for the Nations is because it equips students to communicate Bible truths with other people.  Once you wrestle through the difficult questions, it is important to also be able to explain answers to other people.  During BSN outreach, we had the opportunity to teach believers in other countries about who we are in Christ, the root of our sin problem, God’s grief over sin, and how to walk in the freedom we have in Jesus.  To see new believers grasp these truths made the BSN that much sweeter.  Not only did I learn so much, I was able to help teach others as well!