All about hearing God’s voice and playing games

It’s been a great first week of class!

Kathy taught on hearing God’s voice. It’s so practical…there are different ways that God speaks to us. Through the Bible, through other people, through our thoughts, dreams and visions, and even through an audible voice. The students really appreciated hearing Kathy’s stories and now they know that nothing is too insignificant to talk to God about. This kind of relationship with God is so vital to life!

The students are bonding so quickly. They are sharing openly with each other during small group discussions and worship. They listen to each others’ struggles and joys, praying and rejoicing together. It feels like we’re already becoming a family.

In fact, we got to celebrate a couple birthdays together already! We had a cake and pinata for Annie’s second birthday. (Her parents are on staff with the school). And we also celebrated Jaedn’s 19th birthday.

We tried to enjoy a bonfire outside, but all the rain shooed us back indoors. Luckily, we’ve got an awesome wood burning stove on the back porch. So we played games, made s’mores, and had a great time getting to know each other better (including a good ol’ fashioned game of sardines…perfect game to play in a big, former elementary school).