BSN students in Japan

Ways we show how God values and loves the people of Japan

by Manuel, Bible School for the Nations

From the beginning of our outreach here in Japan, God put it on our hearts to communicate value to the people we meet by the way we treat them, how we pray for them, and in the way we teach them. That’s exactly what we have been able to do!

We’ve sat with a homeless man and spent time with a prestigious business man. We taught students in Asia’s most prestigious university and then turned around to teach boys in a high school for drop-outs. We went to “Suicide Forest” at the foot of Mt. Fuji, where those with no friends go to commit suicide. It was powerful to worship and lift up God there and pray for those in Japan who have lost all hope. We servedĀ a couple dozen children at a local church in Tokyo, giving special attention to a preschooler who just lost her dad to cancer. In the Fukushima prefecture, we supported business owners who are still reeling from the disasters a few years ago.

Through all of these things, we’ve tangibly shown how God values and loves the people of Japan.