Update from the New England team

by Jen, team leader

“Massachusetts/Bhutan/Nepal” has been treating us well. We’ve had plenty of cultural experiences in the area of food, dance, song and way of life. Our daily schedule has generally consisted of worship, prayer and team meetings in the morning, teaching preparation early afternoon, visiting families who we had relationship with late afternoons and doing the BELT teaching in the evening. (BELT stands for Bible Education and Leadership Training.)

After the BELT teachings we’ve joined a different family each night for a 9 or 10 pm dinner! After lots of eating and laughing we go to bed and then start the whole thing over the next day. I’m amazed at the way that the Bhutanese refugees have taken us into their homes and shown us hospitality. They have so little but at the same time show incredible generosity!

The last night before we left, we had a cultural orientation time in order to educate them about America and had a good old American style pizza party! After a week of bonding, it was hard to say goodbye to our new friends. Earlier today, with hugs and tears, we exchanged gifts and prayed for each of the families we had come to know and love.

After driving for 3 hours we have now arrived near Concord, New Hampshire where we will take a day off to recuperate and then meet a new group of Bhutanese refugees.

This coming week will be an adventure as we endeavor to build relationships all over again and share God’s heart to the people in Concord. Please keep us in your prayers as we live with a new family!

We’ll send some stories soon!