Underground Bible School

by one of our missionaries in a closed Asian nation, working with the Bible School for the Nations outreach

We spent our first three days in a remote, mountainous area at a campground. The purpose of our camp was to teach new believers who have little or no access to Bible training. And the location of the seminar was intentional–we needed to be somewhere remote, away from the prying eyes of authorities who would not hesitate to imprison these Christians for their beliefs.

My team of Bible School for the Nations students and translators were excited to start! More than thirty people crammed into a small karaoke room, waiting for the Bible classes to begin.

“Expect to get closer to God this week,” I told them. I looked around at this group of strangers. Many spoke different languages and we all came from totally different backgrounds. Some educated, wealthy, others unschooled and poor. They would all learn and grow together.

We began the week teaching about what God is like and who He says He is in the Bible. The BSN students shared how they had grown in their relationships with God as they learned the truth about Him.

I noticed that a woman in her early twenties was especially quiet during one of our break times, so I asked her what she thought of the teaching.

“I deeply met God during the message,” she said. “You spoke of His love for me and now He seems so real. I can’t help but weep.”

Other students are struck that they can know Jesus personally and that He is interested in them as individuals.

I’m looking forward to the next few days. It is amazing to see the look of understanding that comes across these peoples’ faces. They are so hungry to learn and apply what they are taught!