Underground Bible School pt 3

by one of our missionaries in an Asian nation closed to Christianity

I want to tell you about another remarkable person in the seminar. I wouldn’t have believed this story had I not heard it myself and met the people involved.

A couple came to the seminar from a people group that has never had any sort of Bible training. In fact, eleven years ago, there were not even any Christians in this people group until some Chinese believers visited them and shared the Gospel. No one would listen to what they said.

While these missionaries were in the village, a woman became very ill and she died. For three days, the visiting Christians prayed for the woman. God heard their prayers and raised this woman from the dead! When the people saw that the woman who had been dead was now alive, many chose to commit their lives to God.

Now there are 100 believers in the people group of 10,000. These new believers had no one to teach them, though. They asked the State church for help, but were turned away. So they heard about our seminar and sent the son of the woman who had been raised from the dead. He is the first of his people to receive Bible training. He has been in our classes this whole week.

It has been an honor and a privilege to help them. His language does not have a written form, so his people have no Bible. Please pray for him and his village as we consider how we can serve them better.

And pray for more people to join us in our work here! There is so much that can be done, we just need more people to help.