Underground Bible School pt. 2

by one of our missionaries in a closed Asian nation, at an “underground” Bible seminar

The seminar is going better than I imagined! These new believers – and “old” believers who have not had any opportunity to have biblical training – are so responsive to the messages.

One day, we taught about sin and its destructiveness. We gave the students time in class to ask God if there was sin in their lives that was separating them from Him.

A young man and woman disappeared into town that afternoon. When they returned, they told us where they had been.

“We’ve been living together for several years,” said the woman. “We’ve been going to church for a long time, too. But today I understood what you said about sin. Today, we went into town to the marriage office. And now we are married!”

Another of the students in our Bible and Christian life seminar is a poor pastor from a rural village. He does not have a formal education, but is very passionate.

“I’m learning that my value as a human being doesn’t come from my status in society,” he said. “It comes from being made in God’s image. I am so amazed to be here, a man with no education fellowshipping with college graduates and receiving training alongside them, side-by-side as equals!”

This wasn’t the only time we’d hear someone say this kind of thing about their sense of value.