BELT seminar in the Congo

“Transformation of Character” triumphs in Ibambi, DR-Congo

by Dow

“I was very far from faithfulness. The seminar has woken me up,” said one BELT TS2 “Transformation of Character” participant on the graduation day. “I didn’t know how to connect the Bible from beginning to end. I could go to Bible college for years and never get this! What I learned from action and drama has stuck in my mind… Now nothing can keep me from continuing my relationship with God or continuing my work with the Lord.”

It was truly a blessing to return to familiar faces in the friendly village of Ibambi, DR-Congo. During the first two days of the seminar, it felt like we were picking right back up where we left off last February. The opening teaching was on the Formation of Godly Character, which is essential for God to be able to trust us and wisely bless us and use us for His purposes on earth. Our theme for the seminar was Romans 12:1-2, which teaches that our entire lives must become a holy sacrifice, being continually transformed by the renewal of our mind. It is not enough to know the truth; we have to live it.

Every day, each teaching resulted in powerful times of application and renewed commitment to living according to the truths of Scripture – of which many people had been completely ignorant. For example, nobody in the seminar had a biblical understanding of humility vs. pride (from the life of Moses), or of not taking revenge (from David), or of using leadership to serve and not be served (from Jesus). When we taught on overcoming ethnic prejudices (from Peter’s life), they realized that they shut out peoples from other tribes even in their own church denominations!

We were so happy that the revised TS2 teachings were so effective. The emphasis on story-based learning (rather than abstract topical teachings) as well as mother-tongue languages seems to really make a difference. Praise God for His work in the classroom and in the lives of these participants. May they continue to spread the light of God’s Word in their churches and other spheres of influence in the Congo!!