Dreamers Change the World

Fifty years ago, one man stood in the shadow of the Lincoln memorial and declared his dream. He declared that hotbeds of oppression would become shelters of freedom and justice. He declared that one day his children would no longer be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. He declared that his nation would rise from the ashes of injustice and fulfill it’s destiny - “all men are created equal.”

His words echoed through “every village and hamlet, every city and state” inspiring generation after generation to shake the shackles of injustice. That man was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And his “I Have a Dream” speech became the seed of liberty for millions of oppressed people across America.

What is it that makes great men rise? Where do they come from? Are they born that way? Or do they emerge from ordinary people through the trials of life because of gritty determination?

What's Your Dream?

Like Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr., you have a dream. You may not be able to declare it so clearly or powerfully. But like his dream, your dream is embedded deep in your heart. It is a seed that you cannot ignore. And like the parable of the mustard seed, you know your dream is meant to grow into the largest of trees and bring freedom, justice, hope and love to a world in desperate need.

Launchpad was created for people like you. Launchpad turns visions to plans, plans to action, action to greatness. Greatness isn’t learned in a school. Greatness is learned in the face of adversity through one ordinary choice at a time.

Launchpad is designed to walk alongside you through life’s tough choices. We want to infuse determination, initiative, and wisdom deep into your character so that your dreams become the seed of liberty for many around the world.


Launchpad is a strategic 3 phase internship built upon the premise that dreams emerge by exploring passions and leadership develops by being given something to lead. We want to launch you into your next step in life no matter where God has called you.

When ?

Phase 1:
April 13-June 9

Phase 2:
June 10-Sept 1

Phase 3:
Sept 2-Dec 8

How Much?

Tuition covers the cost of most meals, lodging, guest speakers, and books for Phase 1 & 2. Phase 3 costs vary depending on the location of your customized internship.

plus phase 3
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3 Phase Missions Internship

Personal Development

Phase 1 helps you discover how God has wired you. You will explore passions, learn about your strengths and gifts, and develop spiritual disciplines. You will also grow in strategic planning, fundraising, time management, risk-taking, perseverance, leaning into local, and innovation. Phase 1 emphasizes hands on learning that blends workshops, discussions, teaching, local outreach and personal reflection.

Leadership Development

You and your fellow launchies will join the Mission
leadership team, our summer missions program for teens and youth groups. You will teach, lead teens on urban outreaches, plan and lead international trips, facilitate hospitality, and run leadership meetings for youth pastors—all of which will grow your leadership abilities.

Project Development

During Phase 1 & 2, you will participate in weekly workshops designed to help you flesh out your vision and plan your Phase 3 internship. We will help you customize your final intern location to work with a ministry that closely relates to your long-term vision. You will have weekly Skype meetings with your coach back in Madison. We will discuss how your internship is going, what God is teaching you and how it relates to your long-term vision.

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