Farming God's Way

3 Day Seminar

Join us from April 11-13 to learn about Farming God's Way — a tool for equipping the poor and showing the love of Jesus through agriculture.

This three day seminar will cover the three integrated spheres in the Farming God's Way curriculum: Biblical, Management, and Technology. The training includes lectures and seminars as well as hands-on training experiences designed to prepare you to implement the curriculum.


Farming God's Way

Farming God's Way is a tool inspired by God to address the food security and poverty crisis for the rural poor. FGW is not just technology but a well-balanced, biblical management and technological solution for the agricultural domain. It equips people to come out of poverty, utilizing what God has put in their hands, revealing the fullness of His promised abundant life.

Farming God's Way consists of three spheres: Spiritual, Technology and Management. The Spiritual sphere addresses the heart of the problem behind the oppression of poverty. The Technological element demonstrates the practical principles of God’s ways in order to bring redemption of the land. The Management sphere speaks to some of the traditions and strongholds of the mind, giving practical steps for the poor to generate profit.


  • Learn biblical solutions to improving quality of life and the land through farming
  • Get Practical Tools to train farmers around the world to improve crop yields by applying biblical principles of farming and faith.
  • Break cycles of poverty and dependency, empowering the poor by using only what is in their hands.

3 Ways to Join

Attend Seminar:
April 11-13, 2019

Join Local Internship:
Summer 2019

Join International Training Team:
Fall 2019

How Much?

$100 includes lunch each day, snacks, & seminar costs. Housing would cost an additional $50 if you want to stay with us.

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