For 6 months, I watched as God assembled a family of people from across the nations. I watched as He took me to 9 different countries with one goal in mind — LOVE. I saw Him heal strangers on the streets of Munich, give worth and value to women in Prague. I learned that the words I say have the potential to sway a soul towards the truth, the life and the way. I saw hope flood the eyes of a refugee man as I scrubbed through photos of America, my homeland… feeling the weight of gratefulness. I learned that no matter what battle I face, worship is my weapon and its effects are undeniable. Almost magnetically, our family attracted the lost and the broken and invited them to come fit right in.

Honestly, looking back at it all, making the decision to acknowledge my call has changed me in ways words simply can’t describe.

Do You Hear The Call?

Join us for Discipleship Training School, YWAM’s 6 month mission school. You’ll encounter Jesus in deeply personal ways, engage in life-changing spiritual practices, experience authentic community, and travel to the ends of the earth, all while investing in a movement that truly is helping the hurting and the lost.

There’s no time like today to sign up. With a new DTS starting every 3 months, you can choose the perfect dates for your schedule & even specialize in an area of passion like children at risk, refugees, or the arts. You can watch this video to learn more about Discipleship Training School.

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