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The Little Spring Girl

There was once a girl who was born in the spring with a name that sounded like winter. She loved playing with her summer sisters. They would spend the days climbing trees and chasing squirrels. The little spring girl was happy.

Then she grew up.

Her parents told her it was time to learn new things and make new friends, but the little spring girl didn’t want to grow up. She loved her days of sunshine and silliness. Even so, she had no choice in the matter.

She kicked and screamed and cried, but it was no use.

Her Daddy, with his big hands and warm face, pulled her aside and whispered in her ear, “Little spring girl with a winter name, you are special. When you feel sad, all you need to do is sing. For you have a magic voice that brings joy to all who hear it.”

So she sang.

She sang through the hard times, and the good. Through the crazy times, and the quiet. And she was happy.

Then she grew up some more. She got taller, and she started to forget about the sun and the squirrels. Life got harder. But still, she sang.

And then she met a friend — an autumn girl, with long hair and missing shoes. She was funny, and she helped the little spring girl remember the things she had forgotten.

Or at least for a little while.

See, the funny thing about the autumn girl was that she didn’t really like the springtime at all. She only needed it for her pressed flower collection. If only the poor little spring girl realized it sooner.

As time passed, the little spring girl began to forget about her magical voice. She got scared and ran to the autumn girl for help, but instead of love, she heard a laugh.

“There is no such thing as magic,” said the autumn girl. “You’re nothing special at all.”

In that moment, something cracked inside the little spring girl. She promised herself never to use her voice again, lest her heart be broken once more.

So she was silent.

And she was sad.

Not even her summer sisters could remind her of what it was like to sing again.

She began to cry. She cried until the sun turned cold and the world felt numb. And then, on the coldest and darkest of days, the little spring girl heard a voice. A voice higher than the seasons.

He called her by her winter name and said, “My daughter, come out of your place of hiding. For even though you have forgotten me, I have never forgotten you. Remember what it is to live and to love. Remember that I am in your voice and I am in your song. I am the magic in your lungs. I have made you special. Sing for me.”

The little spring girl opened her eyes and saw the world for what it really was. She smelled the flowers, reached out to touch them, and smiled at their newfound beauty. She once again heard the voice of her creator reminding her of the gifts that he had given her.

So she opened her mouth and sang.

She sang until her lungs gave out, and when she took another breath, she sang and sang some more.

And she was happy.

About the Artists

  • Quinn YWAM DTS Madison Spark Arts Media Music Dance Creative Writing
  • The Little Spring Girl YWAM DTS Spark Arts Media Music and Dance

The Little Spring Girl was written by Noelle Olsen, a member of our Spark Arts DTS. She wrote the piece at our Arts Retreat during a contemplative exercise about the way our talents, limitations and brokenness create a tension inside us that we must identify & overcome.

Quinn Huck designed the mixed media piece (top) to accompany The Little Spring Girl. We believe that as artists collaborate, they ignite sparks of freedom, compassion & justice.

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