The Journey Begins

by Samantha W  (New England Team Outreach)

We pulled out of the parking lot early in the morning.  There were 1200 traveling miles ahead, and our team was anxious to be on our way.

For the past week, the four of us had been preparing for the journey to New England, and the Bhutanese refugees who awaited us there.  And for the past four months, our school (Bible School for the Nations) had been preparing us with the message to bring them.  Now we were ready.

We sang along to a thirty pound boom box (whom we fondly named Skippy).   For lunch, we stopped to eat home-made kim bab (Korean sushi).  We couldn’t have been more thrilled for such an exotic road trip meal, and we enthusiastically let Jihye, our chef, know.

That evening, after 8 hours of driving, we stayed with a YWAM friend in Cleveland, OH.  We were greeted with oatmeal cookies and warm beds.

Day two on the road, and our spirits were just as high as before.  We worked as a team, even as we traveled, passing around food, drinks, trash, taking turns choosing music for Skippy, and all three passengers took shifts playing navigator when Dorothy, our GPS, didn’t always know best.

Our destination was within smelling distance, our strength increasing with every mile, our minds set on the same goal: bringing truth and love to the people of Bhutan, here in New England.  The miles were traveled.  The messages were on our lips.  We were ready.