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Jenna’s Letter: My DTS Journey Begins

 Well, the time has now come. I can’t explain how I’m feeling right now. I’m SO excited for this next chapter of my life but goodbyes are always so difficult. I know that this is a GOOD thing.

I’m going into this tomorrow with an open heart, holding nothing back but giving everything I have these next six months. Whether that means sweeping a floor, loving on a child that has no hope, or doing anything uncomfortable. I’m ready….

I’m currently in a hotel in Chicago and on the way there I just continued thinking about how many people (including my family) don’t understand why I’m leaving, going to another state, and taking six months out of my life to completely serve the Lord and help others.

I’m doing this because I remember when I was broken and all I needed was just a little hope and everything turned around. I’m doing this because there is a world out there in NEED. But most of all, I’m doing this because God has told me too.

So as many people have asked, no I still do not have all of my funds that I need yet. But I’m stepping out by faith and believing God for the rest of the money that I need. THANK YOU again to all of you who have supported me financially and with prayers.

Over the next few months I will be keeping you all updated frequently on everything going on. 🙂

Love, Jenna

[Jenna wrote this update to her friends & supporters the day before her DTS began. Below, you can watch a video from a ministry she worked with on outreach.]

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