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The Gift of Warmth: Life-saving blankets in Nepal

by Kenzie, DTS student

Nepali girl smiles

A Nepali girl smiles

I’m sitting on a bench surrounded by 34 families–grandmothers, mothers, and children of all ages–who are staring at our team and probably wondering what will happen next.

We’re here among the emancipated slaves of the Kamaiya people. For hundreds of years, they served their masters for no pay. Now, they are free. But few have a place to live and many find themselves homeless in the jungles along the Nepal/India border. Several hundred people in this region have died from the cold this winter already. Many have told us it is the coldest winter they can remember.

That’s why these 34 families have come out on this cold and foggy day in the jungle of Nepal for clothes and blankets.

Our impromptu presentation begins as Abi strums some chords on the guitar and, at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, we sing, “We want to see Jesus lifted high.” A few of us share short testimonies of how God has been changing our lives these last several months.

After dancing with us, the kids lined up while we scrambled to get the clothes ready to distribute. I looked at the number of children and the amount of clothes we had to give. I wondered if we would have to turn some people away

But the Lord truly worked a miracle and we had enough clothes for all 40 kids! The balloon animals then came out and the children’s eyes lit up as they giggled and marveled over their creatures.

While the children played, we each got a turn placing one of the heavy blankets in the women’s arms. The women were so thankful and they were beamingballoon animals. Just one of these thick blankets is big enough to cover 3-4 people. One blanket could save a small family!
I’ll never forget looking around and seeing the individual faces, the relief in the women’s eyes, and delight in the children’s.

As families started to leave, many came over to thank us, but we knew that the Lord deserves the thanks. The way he provided for this day is such a testimony of His goodness and love towards His people. We are so thankful that He allowed us to be a part of His work. And we’re also so grateful to the many people back home who donated funds so we could purchase these life saving items!

Blanket and clothing distribution

Blanket and clothing distribution