The Gap Year That Changed My Life

  Amanda completed her DTS and BSN at YWAM Madison. She has since returned to Canada where she is attending university and studying Speech Pathology. She explained how her gap year with YWAM Madison helped prepare her for university, her vocational calling, and ultimately changed her life.

God In University

“I grew significantly during my gap year at YWAM Madison. The way I grew was centered around and based upon my relationship with God. I am now able to live from those lessons that the Lord so tenderly taught me in understanding his character. As I pursue a degree in psychology and communication disorders my relationship with Him is still being deepened daily. I experienced God in YWAM and the same God who is with me at school. Although the setting is different my hopes and dreams are still the same. Before my Discipleship Training School (DTS), I viewed certain things in my life as obstacles that I had to get around before my relationship with God could deepen. I came to realize, however, that God wants all of me no matter what my life circumstances are. No matter how busy my schedule is, my age, or financial situation, none of that stands in His way. I do not have to have it all together before I can come to Him. If I did, I would never measure up! Like any relationship it has to be strengthened with time. All God is asking of me is for me to bring me. This has been such a liberating reality as I balance the demands of school and the business of life. Regardless of my schedule or life situation I live from the abundance of joy and grace that God provides for me. This joy comes when I choose to abide in him and receive His promises for my life. Knowing that God is calling me to Himself rather than to perfection has freed me. I am also now able to extend that same grace and joy to those around me.

Children At Risk

God has placed a passion within me to care for vulnerable children. I am currently studying to become a speech pathologist. I want to work with children who are struggling to help them gain confidence in who the Lord has created them to be. Although I do not know exactly where I will end up with my future career, one thing that has stuck with me from my time in YWAM is that God simply asks for our obedience. He often asks for one small step of obedience in the present and eventually all of those steps lead to the place where God is calling. But each one of those small steps matter significantly. Even though I’m in school now and not working with children in the capacity that I hope to one day, my steps still matter. The words that I am speaking, my work ethic, and my daily interactions are extremely important in God’s kingdom. God calls us from all walks of life into all spheres of society. I want to live open handedly and open minded towards whatever God may want to partner with me in RIGHT NOW.”   Learn More About DTS!

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