The Congo is Open to Truth

by Elisante, BSN student
Ibambi, DR Congo

Elisante, Asaino-Joseph - YWAM Bible School outreach to Congo

Elisante and Asaino-Joseph

Asaino Joseph was the oldest man who came to the seminar in Ibambi, DRC. He was always on time, being brought by motorcycle as he couldn’t walk properly. He sat at the back, always taking notes, asking questions, and engaging in group discussion.

One day in the middle of teaching called “Command to Mission,” Asaino came up front.

“I will go to Tanzania!” he said, overjoyed. “If this man from Tanzania, went to America, and come to the Congo to bring us the good news, I will also go to Tanzania.”

He then invited me to his home, where he told me his story.

Asaino Joseph is a son of an evangelist in the same church where he was a pastor for more than 50 years. He grew up in the church his whole life.

“At 82 years old, all my life I have never received any teaching like the BELT seminar teaching!” he told me. “This is the kind of teaching that the Congo needs. I wish I was still young. I am old and my body is weak, but my spirit is strong. I hope the young people here will put into practice what they have learned.”

He cried the whole time he told me his story and the things that God was opening his eyes and heart to.

He promised to keep praying and teaching the truth to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, (he has more than 500 of them).

“I will keep praying for the Congo, and Tanzania, and for you, Elisante,” he said.

In Asaino Joseph and in the other 93 graduates of the seminar, I saw signs that revival is coming to the Congo.

God is up to something great in the Congo! The people I met, the pastors, and other community leaders are getting ready. They are receptive to the Word of God, the are hungry and thirsty for righteousness. They openly confess their sins, they are ready to take responsibility as the church, and as leaders.

Looking in, the Congo might look closed because of her wars and other problems, but if you will go inside, you will know that the Congo is open to the truth.

I know I will continue to go to the Congo to declare the truth, to bring them the light, the Word of God, that they may wake up and shine the light in the Congo, in Africa and all over the world.