The Bible is Mine Now

by Ben, Bible School for the Nations student, Children at Risk DTS graduate

The YWAM Bible School for the Nations has meant a lot of things to me since it began about six weeks ago. I've had a safe community to sort through my questions. The biggest thing for me has been that my belief in the Bible is no longer just because of what my pastor/parents/authority figure told me–my belief in the Bible is completely mine!

It's mine not because I just learned more in class, but because I'm coming to know one of the greatest books ever written more personally than I ever thought I would have a chance to!

This book is filled with every emotion expressed by mankind and God alike. Now I no longer see the Bible as portraying a God who is distant, dictator-like, or inhuman.

Do I think I'll know everything about the Bible at the end of the school? Absolutely not. Will I know more than I ever expected? Definitely!

I encourage you to pray and look into the Bible education courses that YWAM offers, not just because you'll know the Bible more but I truly believe that you will have an improved understanding of the God you love and worship.