Thailand, three days in: “The most interesting thing so far…”

by Jill, DTS student

Tuk Tuk - YWAM DTS in Thailand

Local transportation! Se-A, Briana and Katie riding a Tuk Tuk.

We made it to Thailand! Our team arrived on January 1st around 7am with loads of suitcases and greasy hair. We stayed in Bangkok for the first few days before heading to Maesai, which is right next to the border of Myanmar (Burma). We have been spending our days with Burmese kids in a school for the children of migrant workers from Burma. Basically, it looks like us having tons of fun running around with the kids, teaching them English, playing games and singing songs.

I interviewed a few people on our team, and here’s what they have to say.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen or experienced so far?

Clara & Girl - YWAM DTS in Thailand

Clara makes a new friend

“The national anthem plays twice a day in public places and everyone is expected to stand and be silent. The other day in the food court, however, we did not hear the anthem playing so we did not stand up and the WHOLE place was looking at us! We finally realized and stood for the last few seconds of the anthem but I was mortified and felt so bad!” – Clara (Sweden)

“I really enjoyed the tuk tuks! It’s so interesting that there seems to be no lanes…you just put your car where ever it fits on the road!” – Nat (USA)

“Thai people really value hygiene and being well dressed so I thought it was interesting that we were the some of the worst dressed people in Bangkok.” – Michaelia (USA)

Paul - YWAM DTS in Thailand

Paul, outreach team leader

“When I saw the border to Myanmar I couldn’t believe I was finally here. For 4 years I’ve waited for this moment and as I saw those gates, my heart filled with excitement. I don’t know who I’ll discover on the other side but I can’ wait to find out!” – Paul (USA)

“It’s interesting learning the different cultural ‘do’s and don’ts, learning how to master the squatty potty, and growing accustomed to the anthem twice a day!” – Briana (USA)