Thailand, five days in: What has caught you off guard?

What is something that has surprised you or caught you off guard since coming here?

Lynda - YWAM DTS in Thailand

Lynda – DTS student from N. Ireland

“Something that caught me off guard was seeing a guy on the brink of starvation last night. He stood by a couple who were eating at a food stall on the side of the road. They ignored him as he tried to ask them for food. I was shocked at how thin and close to the point of death he looked.

“I’ve traveled a lot and seen and heard of a lot of poverty. But I have never seen or experienced anything like how I felt when I saw that guy last night. It made me so incredibly sad and upset that a human being could get into that state and that I, as a part of the human race, could allow that.

“He was so weak that he could barely hold the food we bought him. God really used this situation to challenge me and get my perspectives right. I really have NOTHING to complain about. And I have to do something to help the huge number of people who are in a similar situation. Thank you God for opening my eyes to the plight of many!” – Lynda (N. Ireland)

“Because of Buddhism’s belief about karma (idea that evil doings in a former life would result in today’s suffering) people do not usually help others in need — they think poverty is deserved. This new insight helped me to realize that the God who tells us to love our neighbors is the true God.” – Se-A (S. Korea)

“Visiting various temples and walking through Bangkok while praying really opened my eyes to what Buddhism is like in Thai culture. Thailand is over 90% Buddhist. Watching the Thai people go through the rituals of their religion, I wanted to tell them to open up their hearts to God! I know He created them and wants a personal relationship with them! I wanted to say, “God cares about you as an individual and you are simply precious to Him – not because of what you do, but because He made you.” – Briana (USA)