Poh Siew Yuen

Poh Siew Yuen hails from Malaysia. She joined YWAM full-time in 2006,
serving in Europe until 2019, first, in the biblical studies department in YWAM
King’s Lodge in England, and later in 2011, she joined the staff team of the
School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW) in YWAM Hurlach, Germany,
continuing with SBCW in YWAM Champagne in France from 2014 to 2019.
While in Europe, she was part of the team that also ran the SBCW in YWAM
Herrnhut, Germany and in YWAM Milan, Italy.

She joined YWAM Madison in March 2022 and is pioneering SBCW here in
the Madison base, besides being involved in the campus ministry in the
PHOS House in downtown Madison. Her passion is to see revival that leads to
transformation and reformation in the West, the place from which the Christian faith
had spread to the rest of the world in the past.

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