Karlijn Oppenhuizen

Hello! My name is Karlijn (pronounced car-line) and I am from the Netherlands!

I did my DTS in the fall of 2021 in Madison. My heart has always been for teaching. In the Netherlands I am a preschool teacher and I love working with kids.

During my DTS I spoke with Paul Dematatis and he told me about his plan to start a Christian elementary school in Madison. A school where everyone would be welcome and able to get Christian education. I really felt like that was something God wanted me to be a part of. I grew up Christian and went to Christian schools. My elementary school was something special. The school was in a community with not a lot of Christians. Most of the children going to that school were Muslim or atheists. But the school that I went to was called the school with the Bible. Every Monday morning we had a worship moment with all of the school. Every age group, every religious background came together and we worshipped the Lord. It was amazing!

When I got older I got told that people in the neighbourhood saw a difference in the kids that went to the Christian school. They saw that they had a different lifestyle. That they treated each other differently. And it was a good difference! Many kids from the non-Christian schools switched to the Christian school!

Christian education is very important and I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to hear that they are loved by Jesus!

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