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What We Do & Why

Although we’ve been in YWAM our whole lives, our scouting trips to 9 countries in 2007 opened our eyes to the plight of children around the world. That year, we met hundreds of orphans & street kids and our hearts were overwhelmed with God’s compassion for them. Everywhere we went, we asked God, “Is this where we should live? How can we help all these children? There are so many!” Finally, at the end of our year on the road, we had an answer. Instead of being called to ONE place, we were called to ALL. To help the most children, we needed to multiply our efforts, to inspire and train thousands of people to go and do what God had placed on their hearts.

And so Paul pioneered the Children at Risk DTS in Madison, which has sent hundreds of young people into the nations to work among the destitute, the lonely, the forgotten.

We’re grateful to our team of supporters who fund this work and who stand behind us in prayer. If you’d like to know more about what we do, please get in touch. You can reach us here. Thank you!

Rescuing Children from Trafficking

We pioneered Rescue Ops: Children at Risk DTS in 2008 with the hope of multiplying missionaries to care for at risk kids. Our very first outreach with this new missions school went to India where we worked with street kids, orphans and trafficked women & children. Our prayers were answered when we helped rescue two young children from the brothels.

Throwing Parties for Orphans

The past 10 years, we’ve taken dozens of teams to help orphans across Asia, Africa & Latin America. We love caring for orphans as though they are our very own children. Our teams become house moms and dads getting the kids ready for school, doing homework with them, telling them bed time stories and tucking them in at night. But one of our greatest joys is throwing them surprise parties like the ones in this video. We have discovered that as we love these kids extravagantly as God has loved us, they grow by leaps and bounds in generosity & kindness.

Mobilizing & Training Missionaries

Paul travels to teach in missionary training schools across the US, Mexico & Asia. Here’s a clip of one of his teachings on the Father Heart of God that includes a video of our son’s first steps.

Responding to the Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of our Generation: Refugee Relief

In this last year, we’ve mobilized three teams to respond to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation. As millions of refugees flee war torn countries, our hope is that the first faces they see upon arrival will be those filled with the love of Christ. Two of the teams we sent worked in Lesvos, Greece, where refugee boats first hit European shores. The third team worked in refugee camps in Germany & Sweden. 
This is a powerful story of Muslim refugees discovering hope in Jesus during one of these outreaches.


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