Team Arrived in Cambodia

by Allison, DTS staff
Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

We safely made it to Phnom Penh on Friday afternoon after fourteen hours on two bus rides. On Saturday, we were given a cultural orientation. Some of us went to a museum called the Killing Fields, where over a million innocent people were brutally murdered and buried in mass graves. It was hard for us to see since it was the actual area where these acts happened and it was within the last 30 years.

Sunday we prepared for a full week of ministry with Precious Women. In the afternoons, we will teach English to former prostitutes who live in the home, followed by an hour long devotional time with them that our team will plan. We’ll also help them move and decorate their new home so it will be inviting for the girls. The ministry will have a beauty salon, wedding rentals and jewelry making area in the new building so the girls can make a living and learn new skills.

Thursday night we will be doing bar ministry where we will talk with the women working there so the men don’t have the chance to buy them for the night. From what we heard the girls actually work as waitresses in the bars but if a man asks for more they have to give it to them.

We are all very excited to be working with this group over the next week!