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Teaching kids about the Holy Spirit

It’s Friday night. We’re close to the Thai / Myanmar border, living at a group home for children who have been orphaned from wars in Myanmar or who escaped being conscripted as soldiers. The kids are as young as five and as old as fifteen.

And tonight we’re planning to lead a devotional about the Holy Spirit. People–kids especially–are concrete learners, so we want to find ways to make the Holy Spirit make sense. We’ve created stations for them to show them how the Holy Spirit is like fire, or water, or wind.

The kids see the flare of a match, feel the wind from a fan, and run their hands through water. We read scriptures to them and ask them questions about what they understand. We talk about the Trinity. They ask good questions, too.

“The Holy Spirit is strong like fire,” one of the kids says.

“He’s the source of life, like water is for us,” says another.

“We can feel him, but we can’t see him. He is gentle.”

Please pray with us that these kids remember these moments as they grow older, and that they continue to experience the strength, life, and gentleness of God.

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