Teaching at Local Children’s School – YWAM DTS outreach

by Luke, University DTS student

The other day, I asked a teacher a question. “Could we help you teach English to your class?”

“Oh of course! However you would like. You are very welcome!”  she said.

Teaching at Local Children’s School - YWAM DTS outreachAnd so today, Jenn, Jerry, Maria and I brought our lesson plans to school. We couldn't wait to meet the eager students. They're all between the ages of 3 and 6!

Here, people are seen as an economic resource, more valuable for what they can produce or do. Individuals don't receive a lot of attention. Kids are loved more if they perform better in school.

We wanted the children in our English class to know that they were important and valuable no matter what they are capable of doing. So we centered our lesson plans around teaching identity and personal and family value. Prepped with paper and crayons, we were ready to draw self-portraits, learn each others' names, show photos of our own families at home, and sing English songs. And of course play!

The moment we arrived at the school, the kids waved and smiles lit up their faces. I felt so happy to be with them.

“I'm Luke,” I said. The rest of my teammates introduced themselves, and we learned the kids' names as best as we could.

self-portrait - Teaching at Local Children’s School - YWAM DTS outreachThen I sent a picture of my family around the class and taught the kids how to say “mom,” “dad,” “sister,” “brother.” I wish I could learn new words as quickly as these kids did.

Jenn followed up with a rousing song of “head and shoulders” and a game of Hot Potato. The funniest song was something involving various animal noises. (Did you know animals make “different” noises here than at home?) It was so much fun to watch the kids jump and dance around. They had so much joy!

When they made their self-portraits, I was impressed with how they used different colors to express their individuality. They all had such unique portraits. I taught the class how to “high-five” to celebrate a job well done. They really enjoyed that one!

After class, we met some of the parents.

Teaching at Local Children’s School - YWAM DTS outreach“I'm so happy to see you spending time with my son,” one of the moms said, in flawless English. “It's good for him to interact with foreigners.”

It’s difficult to express the joy that we all had there today. The kids were all so excited and they were hopeful for us to come back again. We will see them next week! Unfortunately it will be our last time there, but there will be more groups like us to follow. The people who hosted us in this city are looking forward to partnering with this school as well.

Please pray for this school, these kids, and for many more Christ followers who love kids to come and love these kids here!