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Walk With Me … In the Darkness

The Christian life is often portrayed as “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” But sometimes that description just doesn’t match reality. Sometimes, life hurts. It isn’t that pastors and evangelists have purposely sought to deceive people by presenting Christianity in such a positive light. After all, it is the “Good News” that we proclaim. However, this rose-colored view of life …

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Behind Thailand’s Red Lights

As I walked down the dusty streets my mind raced. I wove my way through vendors hawking paintings of elephants, colorful bracelets, silk scarves, and carved soap. A sungtow rumbled past us, seeking someone to chauffeur to unknown destinations. We turned down an alley filled with loud shouting and the deafening thump of dance music. The colors faded from the soft glow of streetlights to bright neon strobe lights and discos. And vendors were no longer selling bracelets and soap. They were selling women.

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What happens when you forgive

My gaze traveled across the weathered faces of the villagers. For a moment, my eyes connected with Pastor Nathan’s. All week, he had taken us from village to village across his home country of Papua New Guinea. He’d helped us spread this message of forgiveness. I wondered if he was weary of hearing it by now. “If you have someone …

Shresh’s Lesson

I was sitting on the floor of a home for children at risk in India helping six-year-old Shresh do his homework. He had a little book of folded paper we gave him – he kept it as a prized treasure in his backpack with all his other homework. He would draw pictures, ask me for the English spelling of that …