21 days of compassion

21 Day Compassion Fast

Are you ready to answer the call of compassion? Will you go where it hurts? The need for compassion has never been more urgent. Refugees fleeing wars and economic disaster. Aids orphans. Human trafficking. Widows. Unreached people groups. Broken families. People without access to medical care, clean water, Scripture or a home to sleep in. God’s heart is breaking. He …

Mirësevini në Albania (Welcome to Albania)!

Albania is a place of beauty. It has gorgeous mountains and beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets. The people are resilient, relationship-oriented, and really value family. Unfortunately, there are often better work opportunities outside of Albania which cause many Albanians to want to move, but I believe the country has so much potential… One day my teammate Hannah and I were …

Simple Obedience Changes History

With stacks of blue New Testaments in hand we followed three Thai men across the asphalt parking lot. They wore button down shirts and modern day apostles. They lived life with few hesitations. They prayed for almost everyone they met, shared Christ freely, and gave generously. But at that moment I didn’t know any of this about them yet. I just knew we were handing out Bibles.

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Hope Among the Lepers

We pulled up to the leper colony just as the sun slipped behind a cluster of rundown buildings. I climbed out of the van and followed our guide down an alley that wove past small homes. The guide paused at a home with a white door. “Hello,” he called in the native dialect. “We’re here to pray for people. Can …

YWAM DTS Youth With a Mission Madison Sending your Child into missions a parents letter

Sending Your Child Into Missions: A Letter from a Parent

The shortened definition of a missionary is sent one. It describes a believer in Jesus who is going outside of their comfort zone, their familiarity, to a place that doesn’t know God’s love. My husband and I have been in missions more years than I lived under my parents’ roof.

Now, here we are with the first of our eight children graduating high school and moving on to her next phase in life. I naively thought that sending her out on her own would be easier for me than other parents. Yeah, right!

Muslim Refugees Meet Jesus

In this last year, we’ve mobilized two teams to respond to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation. As millions of refugees flee war torn countries, our hope is that the first faces they see upon arrival will be those filled with the love of Christ. One of our DTS teams worked in Lesvos, Greece where refugee boats first hit …

Overcoming Asthma: The Joy of My First Deep Breath

Chara has battled asthma her whole life. For the last couple years, she frequently had asthma attacks 3-4 times a day (and at times, even in the night). This made her very fearful to do anything physical. “It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest,” she said. On Thursday night, she felt she should come forward for healing prayer …