Coffee with Muslims and a Vision of Jesus

Coffee, Muslim Friends and A Vision of Jesus

Did you know that Muslims all over the world are having dreams and visions of Jesus? They are coming to faith in Jesus as a result of these direct supernatural encounters. Even Imams and former terrorists! And it’s happening in our own backyard!

I Was A Stranger And You Invited Me In

“When we hold bitterness in our hearts, it destroys us,” I said. “We have to learn to forgive people no matter how badly they hurt us.” My gaze traveled across the weathered faces of the villagers. For a moment, my eyes connected with Pastor Nathan’s. All week, he had taken us from village to village across his home country of …

Muslim Refugees Meet Jesus

In this last year, we’ve mobilized two teams to respond to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation. As millions of refugees flee war torn countries, our hope is that the first faces they see upon arrival will be those filled with the love of Christ. One of our DTS teams worked in Lesvos, Greece where refugee boats first hit …