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Sending Your Child Into Missions: A Letter from a Parent

The shortened definition of a missionary is sent one. It describes a believer in Jesus who is going outside of their comfort zone, their familiarity, to a place that doesn’t know God’s love. My husband and I have been in missions more years than I lived under my parents’ roof.

Now, here we are with the first of our eight children graduating high school and moving on to her next phase in life. I naively thought that sending her out on her own would be easier for me than other parents. Yeah, right!

Someone to Die For

by Nicette As a teenager I wanted to give my life for something. I wanted to be passionate about something and change the world. But I didn’t see God as someone to live and die for because I didn’t understand who He actually is. The Salvation message I heard as a kid was that Jesus died to save me from my sins and from …

Shresh’s Lesson

I was sitting on the floor of a home for children at risk in India helping six-year-old Shresh do his homework. He had a little book of folded paper we gave him – he kept it as a prized treasure in his backpack with all his other homework. He would draw pictures, ask me for the English spelling of that …

Powerful Words of Hope from an Indian Street Kid

I was reading through my journal from my DTS last night, processing some of the things from my outreach to Nepal and India that I have long left unprocessed. After my team got back from outreach, we broke up into new teams with people from all of the different outreach groups – Moldova, Turkey, Thailand, East Asia, Uganda. We went …