The Longing

Airports stir something deep within my heart.

There’s a longing present. A. Deep. Longing. As I’ve contemplated while sitting in lounge chairs, standing in lines, observing people going to and fro, it finally hit me as to why.

Airports draw in people from all nations, all peoples, all faiths, and all languages with the common purpose of going somewhere. And, we are all going somewhere. We’ve been invited to dine with our Papa God.

YWAM Youth With a Mission God's Multigenerational vision and the monarch butterfly

God’s MultiGenerational Vision — The Monarch Butterfly

The annual migration of the Monarch butterfly across North America has been called “one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world”. Monarchs start their migration northward, from Mexico each March. They lay their eggs, die, and the next generation of Monarchs continue the journey. Their annual migration covers over 7,000 kilometers. One butterfly’s life-cycle is about seven weeks. …

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5 Ways God Turned My Life Upside Down in DTS

I’ve had some really tough things happen in my life and I always believed that God caused them. When I was a teenager, I had a miscarriage. It rocked my world. I was so angry at God for putting me through something so painful. I lived with that anger for several years until one of our DTS speakers said, “God …

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Overcoming Discouragement

“Look, it’s a rainbow!” Marie said. I didn’t believe her at first — it hadn’t been raining. But I looked in the direction she pointed and saw she was right. A shimmery rainbow arched over the small French town of St Hippolyte-du Fort. It was like God had painted that rainbow just to encourage our team with the promise that …

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The Smile I Will Never Forget

We worked with a lot of kids on our DTS outreach to Costa Rica. I met some of these kids in orphanages and slums, others in churches and schools. But no matter where I met them, their precious faces linger in my mind long after we said our goodbyes. I still remember the first kids we met. A group of …

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The Gift Of A Listening Ear

It was a hot day in Constanța, Romania. Our DTS team was surrounded by protestors advocating for bike lanes in “Old Town.” But we weren’t interested in protesting. We wanted to share God’s love with people. “I have an idea,” my teammate, Summer said. “Why don’t we ask people to tell us what they love about their city?” “Great idea!” …

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Children’s Ministry Melts a Father’s Heart

Our kids’ Bible study was drawing to a close. My two teammates and I had thoroughly enjoyed teaching and interacting with the kids. Yet we did not expect what happened at the end. Our translator approached us with one of the student’s parents. “This man was sitting in the back while you taught,” the translator said. “He’s not a believer. …

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Putting Faith Into Action

Although I know I should be sleeping, I’m wide awake! It had been an exhausting 24 hours as I said goodbye to classmates who went on other outreaches and boarded this plane for Costa Rica. Still, my mind won’t shut down. It races through all the firsts for our team — first outreach from our base to Costa Rica, first flight …