The Gap Year That Changed My Life

  Amanda completed her DTS and BSN at YWAM Madison. She has since returned to Canada where she is attending university and studying Speech Pathology. She explained how her gap year with YWAM Madison helped prepare her for university, her vocational calling, and ultimately changed her life. God In University “I grew significantly during my gap year at YWAM Madison. …

The Longing

Airports stir something deep within my heart.

There’s a longing present. A. Deep. Longing. As I’ve contemplated while sitting in lounge chairs, standing in lines, observing people going to and fro, it finally hit me as to why.

Airports draw in people from all nations, all peoples, all faiths, and all languages with the common purpose of going somewhere. And, we are all going somewhere. We’ve been invited to dine with our Papa God.