The Longing

Airports stir something deep within my heart.

There’s a longing present. A. Deep. Longing. As I’ve contemplated while sitting in lounge chairs, standing in lines, observing people going to and fro, it finally hit me as to why.

Airports draw in people from all nations, all peoples, all faiths, and all languages with the common purpose of going somewhere. And, we are all going somewhere. We’ve been invited to dine with our Papa God.

Life at Home: The Adventure of Following God’s Still Small Voice

by Abbie Fox In just seven days, I will head to YWAM Madison to join Discipleship Training School staff. I am beyond excited for this new chapter in my life. While on staff, I will mentor, serve, lead and pour my life into young people who are passionate about God and His mission for this world. I will also co-lead an outreach team to …