Sunday & Monday in Nicaragua

This morning, we went to church in the barrio — the kids' service. The people who lead the house church have gone through some of YWAM's discipleship courses. They want to reach their neighborhood and see real, visible change. (And the barrio HAS been changing as the YWAM school also reaches the children who have been growing up here. There's a visible difference from the last time we were here a couple years ago.) In the afternoon, we prepared more for the Vacation Bible School coming up. We returned to the same church that evening for the adults' service.

Monday: BEACH!
We drove about 45 minutes away to a beautiful Nicaraguan beach! Because it was Monday and the middle of the day, we had the beach practically to ourselves. We brought picnic lunches and stayed until sunset. You'll just have to see the girls' photos….it was breathtaking! (And — it didn't rain!)