view of Mt. Fuji

Praying in the Suicide Forest

by Abi H., Bible School for the Nations student

In the breathtaking photos of Mt. Fuji, the shadow at the foot of the mountain is a forest. It’s known as Suicide Forest because so many people go there to end their lives. (Japan loses nearly 30,000 people to suicide each year.) Young teenagers and businessmen who simply cannot take the stress, depression, or struggle to fit in take their lives in this forest. As you might expect, a sense of hopelessness clings in the air.

So why is our team here in Suicide Forest?

We came to invite God’s tangible presence to this place so that instead of hopelessness, people would feel hope. We walked through the forest and prayed for people to turn away from the decision they are about to make. We stood under the canopy of the trees to worship the One who created each of these people with a destiny and purpose. We declared truths of who God is and his heart for his children.

The number of suicides in Japan has decreased over the last few years, although it still has one of the highest suicide rates worldwide. We pray that as the Japanese come to know God that they would find hope and peace and the number of suicides would continue to drop. Will you join us in this prayer?

The team worships and prays at "Suicide Forest" - praying for a feeling of hope in the place that would encourage those who have despaired of life to seek God for help.

The team worships and prays at “Suicide Forest” – praying for a sense of hope instead of despair for the people who go there.