Sturgeon Bay Youth Group Impacts Madison for Jesus

Sturgeon Bay Youth Group & MadReach 2012 Staff

We write a lot on our blog about “going to the nations” because on any given month, our students or staff are sharing God's love somewhere else in the world.

But did you know we are also training and sending people into our own community?

That's what I love about MadReach! MadReach helps people make a difference where they live. It's like an “appetizer” for world mission, too!

Last week, a youth group from Sturgeon Bay, WI came to serve Madison. During the day they played team building games and heard teachings on things like “Destiny” and “The Nature & Character of God.” Teens finally saw a loving friend and father in place of a scary, intimidating God.

“This week will forever be imprinted in my mind as one of intense growth,” one of the participants said. “It will be forever cherished.”

In the afternoons, the group hit the streets of Madison, refreshed in their relationships with God and ready to share His love.

Boldness entered into me during the various outreaches that we did,” said one. “I got to apply what I was learning. I'm probably going to suggest that our youth group tries this. Not only might it bring our members closer to God, it could also help to make our little town a better place.”

One day, the Sturgeon Bay youth group literally went to the streets and sidewalks of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus with chalk and prayer. They asked God to give them His heart for the university students and staff. Then, they wrote on the campus sidewalks in great big chalk letters the promises and love of God.

Another night, the team went to State Street's Peace Park, where many of Madison's homeless population congregate. The students struck up conversations with them and listened to their stories. Three shared their personal testimonies of God's work in their lives.

“Did you hear what those kids had to say?” one of the homeless men was overheard saying to his friend.

“Yeah, that was good stuff!” his friend said.

Kevin, MadReach coordinator, said he was inspired by the Sturgeon Bay group's “on-going passion to bring the same kinds of outreaches into their own community!”

Andrew summed up the week: “I knew God performs miracles, loves us, that we are His children and He talks to us (I thought it was rare), but never took the time to see it or experience it. Now I have, and it's awesome!…coming to YWAM, it changed my life!”

If your church group would like to join us for a MadReach week this summer, contact us at [email protected]. You can learn more about MadReach here:¬†