Stopping Traffic


DTS Student Travis on the Tall Bike for stop the traffic

by Katie

After five hours of hard work we finally accomplished our goal. We had a tall bike, at last! We intended it just for fun, but God had bigger plans than we did.

It was Saturday night and our friend John was riding the tall bike in Madison. People stopped to point and stare. They even took pictures of him on the tall bike.

Immediately John remembered a prayer from earlier in the week. He and Travis had asked God to use the small things they knew or could do to accomplish great things for His kingdom.

John remembered the group that is called “Stop the Traffic” (referring to human trafficking). He wondered what would happen if there was a bike tour on tall bikes that could go around the country to raise awareness and money for ending Human Trafficking. John’s idea was put on the backburner.

Two weeks later a visiting teacher at our DTS shared with us about the seriousness of Human Trafficking. He gave some ideas on how anyone could help if they had one minute, one hour, a day or a lifetime.

God was definitely tugging on my and Travis’ hearts. We were immediately sold on the idea of doing something, anything to help these slaves. We think that God really confirmed it at church a few days later when we talked with a visiting missionary who started a group that works to stop Human Trafficking.

The ideas and prayers are becoming more concrete. We are very excited to see how God can use a couple of people and weird looking bikes to make change after we get back from India!