Stenson Family

We recently launched a new YWAM ministry called CoLab432. The name CoLab432 comes from “collaboration” the idea of working together. Working together across generation and cultures. Co Lab also suggests the idea of a “lab” or laboratory, a hands on place of learning in which experimentation and observation take place and those present move beyond their current understandings to new places and applications of truth. The 432 part of the name comes from Mark 4:32 in which Jesus paints a picture of the kingdom starting out as the smallest seed in the garden but then growing to become a massive tree in which the birds of the air find shelter. CoLab432 is a place of belonging and community, a place of learning and creativity, and a place to discover identity and destiny.

In considering the picture given in Mark 4:32 of the birds finding shelter in the kingdom; we were prompted to ask the question, “Where is the beauty of birds observable?” As we considered this, we landed on three primary areas. The beauty of birds is observable in their colors (the seen), their song (the heard), and their flight (the moving).

These three areas represent three strategic bridges that we will seek to use to reach out in CoLab432. “The seen”- visual arts, “The heard” – audio arts, and “The moving”- movement oriented activities such as dance or sports.

While reaching out over these past few years we have seen these three means as effective bridges to see the love of the Father connect with his precious children.

We are so excited for what is in store and are so thankful for such a loving Creator to lead us forward into new expressions of his heart! Thank you to you, our friends and family, for joining with us on this journey. We will continue posting more details as we continue to unpack all of these things with the Lord in the coming weeks and months.

In this journey we seek to, as the African proverb says, “Not run fast alone, but far together!”

Colab432 is all about collaboration/working together across generations and culture it is all about openness and invitation. It is about sharing and giving. It is about a kingdom with room for any willing to follow.