Spoil the Kids

Parties for Orphans

We believe that no story should end in loss. Every child deserves to be celebrated. Join our mission to throw extravagant parties for orphans.


Celebrations To Heal Deep Hurt

Throughout the world millions of children are orphaned through war, AIDS, or extreme poverty. But we believe that celebration can heal even the deepest wounds and turn mourning into joy.

Our volunteer teams put great effort into spoiling at risk kids. We plan extravagant parties and special outings. We deliver piles of gifts, toys, and gently used clothes and shoes. We engineer craft & game times. And we are looking for your help!

Donate Goods

We're always looking for items to take with us like:

  • Craft Supplies
  • New or Gently used Shoes
    & Clothes
  • New or Gently Used Toys
  • Snacks and Candies
    (cookie & cake mixes, pancake mixes, etc.)
  • Face Paint
  • Balloons (Animal balloons, water balloons and party
    balloons) & Balloon pumps
  • Twinkle lights (or
    Christmas lights)
  • Party goods
  • Outdoor games
  • Sports equipment
  • Card and board games
  • Kid’s books (both story
    time and learning)
  • Backpacks & book bags
  • Mini Makeover materials

Plan a Party in a Bag

Come up with a party idea for our outreach teams to use for orphans. Briefly outline your idea on paper and collect all the items necessary for our team to host that party.

All items collected should be shipped or dropped off at our YWAM Madison office (or delivered to one of our team members). We will then send these items with our outreach teams.

Donate Money

As we throw parties for orphans, many of the items we need are simpler to purchase overseas. Plus it helps the local economy and helps fight poverty (one of the major difficulties children at risk face). In addition, it usually costs us $50-$100 in round trip luggage fees to transport the Spoil the Kids gifts & supplies overseas. Consider donating to our Spoil the Kids fund. 100% of proceeds given to this fund will be used to host special events for orphans and street kids.


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