Spoil the Orphans

“Be joyful at your feasts together with the orphans.” Deuteronomy 16:14

Spoil the orphans fund.jpg

The students at the Children at Risk DTS are in India, Thailand, and Myanmar through February 15. We’re working with AIDS orphans, street kids, refugees, and young women forced into prostitution. We are reaching out to slums, leper colonies, red light districts, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS. We’re doing evangelism through drama, music, testimony, preaching, and one-on-one encounters. And we’re showing love in practical ways as we become family to kids who have never experienced a true family. One of our favorite things to do is to throw a special party for the kids!

In 2009, we worked with a children’s home in India. We brought an artificial Christmas tree in our luggage, decorated their dining room, and made them cookies. A group of “Texas Grandmas” wrapped presents for us to give each of the kids at the children’s home. It was fun to wake the kids up that morning with their very own Christmas! Later in the day, we took them on a field trip to an amusement park.

In 2010, we did a similar thing for the kids and caretakers at an orphanage in Kenya.

Now, in Thailand, Myanmar, and India, we’d like to “spoil the orphans.” The exact event that we’re able to do will depend on the amount of funds that come in. We’ve personally donated toward this special day and we wanted to give you the opportunity to be part of creating a memory for these kids without a family.

You can donate by writing and mailing a check to YWAM Madison, or by PayPal, using the link below.