View of the area near Carmen Serdan, Mexico

Speaking love without words

Written by Katie
DTS Student

Even though it was supposed to be the rainy season in Carmen Serdan, Mexico, the sun was shining brightly. It was our last day at The Mission, a special needs orphanage with 16 “kids” ranging in age from 8 to 46, most of which are in their 20s. Of the 11 girls that we met – the youngest was in the hospital for surgery – only five could talk. None of the four males were verbal.

The week was a challenge for our team, but we had all become attached to the kids, bragging about them each night at our team meetings.

Now it was Friday and we were throwing a “Spoil the Kids” party, thanks to the money donated by Aaron’s church. We rang the bell, summoning everyone into the casina (dining room). As the kids entered, they stared at the circle of chairs and balloons, with a star-shaped pinata hanging in the middle.

Wheelchair bound kids were parked in the circle, and once everyone was there, we prayed to begin the festivities.

The excitement rang as they took turns hitting the pinata. When it finally broke open, the kids descended onto the candy, filling their little paper bags. Some of the staff filled bags for the wheelchair bound kids.

The party continued with balloon animals, face painting, a present for each kid, and cake and ice cream. Joyful chatter filled the room as kids, staff, and our team simply hung out together, enjoying our final afternoon together.