Someone to Die For

by Nicette

As a teenager I wanted to give my life for something. I wanted to be passionate about something and change the world. But I didn’t see God as someone to live and die for because I didn’t understand who He actually is.

The Salvation message I heard as a kid was that Jesus died to save me from my sins and from Hell. What I didn’t understand then was that I was missing the point of Jesus’ death on the cross!

Now, I see that the death of Jesus was all about bringing us back into relationship with God [reconciliation]. The message of the cross is a relational message that points out God’s character. He is a loving and just God who sent His son to die in my place.

YWAM Madison Bible School for the Nations Jesus on a cross atonement

I see clearly how great my sin is and how great His sacrifice to atone for my sin. This brings my heart to a place of overwhelming gratitude and worship. How can I ever say thank you enough to Jesus? Now, I long to give my life to God because I understand how much He loves me and longs to be close to me.

I see now that I did not just receive freedom from death and hell. I received the great gift of relationship with Jesus! I am not receiving something FROM Jesus. I am receiving HIM.

Nicette is attending Bible School for the Nations at our YWAM Madison campus. After serving as a YWAM missionary for 6 years, she saw the BSN as an integral part of helping her dive deeper into God’s word, His character and His ways so she could more effectively disciple others and change the world.

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