Simple Obedience Changes History

With stacks of blue New Testaments in hand we followed three Thai men across the asphalt parking lot. They wore button down shirts and were modern day apostles. They lived life with few hesitations. They prayed for almost everyone they met, shared Christ freely, and gave generously. But at that moment I didn’t know any of this about them yet. I just knew we were handing out Bibles.

We walked up to a large police building and were asked to wait outside. The three men went inside. A while later, they walked back out with smiles on their faces.

“Come in,” they said, waving their arms.

We followed them into an ornately decorated conference room. There were a dozen gold chairs in neat rows on a soft red carpet. We all crowded around stacks of Bibles and the head of Phang Nga police station. We took several official looking photos before filing out of the room.

What was that all about, I wondered.

“The police chief just accepted Jesus,” one of the three men said with a huge grin. “And now, he’s going to take those stacks of Bibles that you brought him and give one to every man under his leadership!”

And then he told us the most remarkable story. He said that they had prayed for this appointment with the police chief for many months. They had asked God for wisdom and boldness. And now, not only had the police chief been radically transformed, but perhaps countless others would be as well. I wondered how the entire city of Phang Nga might look different years from now because of this encounter. And it struck me how simple it is to change the world. Hear God. Obey. And watch the amazing things God does.

Story by Rachel on DTS Outreach in Thailand.

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